Create a React project

If you haven’t already, create a React project using your preferred stack. Some popular options are Vite and Next.JS.

npm create vite@latest

Install the WalletKit SDK

npm install @walletkit/react-link walletkit-js

Setup WalletKitLink & WalletKitLinkProvider

Initialize WalletKitLink with your Project ID and wrap your app with WalletKitLinkProvider, adding it as close to the root as possible.

You can get your Project ID from the API Keys page in the WalletKit dashboard.
import {WalletKitLink} from "@walletkit/react-link"

const wkLink = new WalletKitLink({
  projectId: '<WalletKit-Project-ID>',

export function App() {
  return (
    <WalletKitLinkProvider link={wkLink}>